Red alert: What can parents do if an inappropriate photo of their child is leaked?

Teen monitoring app

A horrible scenario for a parent: your teen took an inappropriate photo of themselves, which intentionally or unintentionally got sent to someone. Children make mistakes, but there are ways to act quickly and correct them.

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Parenting tips: Self-Image, Celebrity Comparison and the Tween Mind

Self image in tweens - parenting help

We all want our children to have high self-esteem. In fact, high self-esteem largely influences future mental and emotional health, sense of worth, and social satisfaction. During the tween years, your child searches for identity through the opinions of her peers. Simple praise can make her self-esteem skyrocket, while one criticism can sometimes be devastating. Some parenting tips from Jiminy.

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Why do we even need parental controls?

Parental control apps

We get that question a lot, mainly from parents who check their child’s phone themselves. Even those parents are usually surprised by the several answers they haven’t thought of, and realize how much they’ve been missing without the right (not just any) parental control app.

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