What is the Best Parental Monitoring App?

Best parental monitoring app

So, you bought your child’s first mobile phone, and now you’re searching for the best possible parental controls out there, the ultimate parenting app, to protect your child from everything lurking on the other side of the screen. How can you make sure you pick the right app, and not regret your choice?

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Red alert: What can parents do if an inappropriate photo of their child is leaked?

Teen monitoring app

A horrible scenario for a parent: your teen took an inappropriate photo of themselves, which intentionally or unintentionally got sent to someone. Children make mistakes, but there are ways to act quickly and correct them.

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Bridging The Technology Gap Between Parents And Children

Cultures of Dignity is an incredible organization, and their work with young people – empowering them, understanding them and giving them the tools to navigate the challenges of young adulthood – is truly inspiring!
Their blog post, about their reasons for partnering with Jiminy, is extremely touching and motivating – we’ve succeeded in helping parents and children bridge gaps created by technology!

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A Parent’s Guide to Social Media: Facebook

Jiminy App - parental control on android phone

While it’s certainly not as popular with children as it once were, you’ll be surprised by the number of kids who still occasionally hang out on Facebook. While most parents won’t need any introduction to Facebook, we feel our series of guides won’t be complete without the most popular social network in the world.
If you feel you don’t really need this guide, perhaps you’ll find the previous installments more helpful:
A Parent’s Guide to Social Media: Snapchat
A Parent’s Guide to Social Media: Instagram

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Our partnership with Cultures of Dignity!

We’re super excited to announce our partnership with Cultures of Dignity!
Cultures of Dignity Is a premier authority in education and current research into the physical and emotional wellbeing of young people.
You might have heard of the organization’s founder, Rosalind Wiseman, educator and author of the New York Times bestselling “Queen Bees and Wannabes” – THE book on teenage girls, which was the basis for the film “Mean Girls”.
Our mission at Jiminy is to help parents and young people communicate better, and we couldn’t have chosen a better partner to accomplish that mission 
Check out their website here: https://culturesofdignity.com
Stay tuned to all the amazing things we have planned for the future!