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We Dare You to… Talk to Your Kids About Online Challenges

You’ve probably heard about the ‘Ice bucket challenge’, or the ‘skull-breaker challenge’ – Online challenges are viral videos wherein people are challenged to perform all sorts of dares, tasks and tricks for online glory. They’re mostly fun and whimsical, but occasionally dangerous and harmful. What can parents do to help their children stay safe?

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Parental Controls on Social Media for Different Age Groups

If you are reading this, then chances are your child is at the age where you have to make some parenting decisions about social media and phone usage. How do you decide what social media sites to allow your kids on? How do you know when they are old enough for one site over another? It can be difficult to determine just which social media site is appropriate for you and your family, and it can be even more difficult finding good general guidelines of what is and isn’t necessarily age-appropriate for your child. If you are looking for some quick guidelines on parental controls on social media for various ages, then keep reading. 

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How Can Parents Monitor Snapchat when Snaps are Temporary?

With the temporary nature of “snaps”, it can be hard to know just what your child is sending out to the digital world, and just what they are receiving in return. How does a parent keep up? Do you schedule regular check-ups on your kid’s phone, or do you do random checks? What exactly is the best way to keep up with your kids and what they are doing in the digital world? How can parents monitor Snapchat when it is so fleeting?

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