What should Parents Know about the Mobile Games their Children are Playing?

Children can spend dozens of hours per week, sometimes even what amounts to whole days, playing mobile games. Apart from paying close attention to the time children spend on mobile games, we always try to remind parents to keep an eye at the other risks involved in mobile gaming and gaming in general.

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So You Can’t Get Your Kid to Put Down the Controller…

Is your child getting too much screen time?

Video games seem to have taken over the lives of our children. They wake up, go to school, complete homework, and end the day by playing video games or interacting with technology in one way or another.

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Kid’s first phone – encouraging responsible phone use

Kid's first phone - encouraging responsible phone use

You’ve decided it’s time for your child to have a cell phone. You’ve researched phones, chosen a plan, bought a fun case… but don’t forget about one of the most important details: responsible cell phone use. Here are a few tips to ensure your children know how to responsibly use their new phones… and hopefully, avoid some unpleasant scenarios!

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A must watch TED talk: 3 fears about screentime for kids, and why they’re not true

This TED talk is an eye-opener for parents who are concerned about their children screen time.

And apart from watching this talk, a good step in overcoming worries about screentime is understanding it. Jiminy, a parental awareness app, is the perfect tool for parents who want to know more about their children’s screen time and phone usage habit.