How Can Parents Monitor Snapchat when Snaps are Temporary?

With the temporary nature of “snaps”, it can be hard to know just what your child is sending out to the digital world, and just what they are receiving in return. How does a parent keep up? Do you schedule regular check-ups on your kid’s phone, or do you do random checks? What exactly is the best way to keep up with your kids and what they are doing in the digital world? How can parents monitor Snapchat when it is so fleeting?

Why Monitor Snapchat?

It can be hard to ensure that you don’t miss anything important when it comes to your child, especially on Snapchat. Cyberbullying has become an increasingly common issue, with both teens and adults attacking targets online. However, some parents aren’t sure what actions truly count as bullying and how to spot them. Sometimes it can be an innocent mistake made online, without any intention to cause hurt or harm, or it can be purposeful, with malicious intent.

Another major concern, especially given the visual nature of Snapchat, is sexting. Teens are curious and like to push and test boundaries, and sexting is just one way this manifests. Unfortunately, it can be a very dangerous behavior, resulting in private photos being leaked or even potentially getting labeled as a junior sex offender depending on your local laws.

A Snapchat monitoring app like Jiminy can help you know what your kid is up to, alerting you of potential sexual or bullying content. It doesn’t record the photos, allowing your kid to retain their privacy about the exact images they’re sending, but monitors text-based messages and flags any potentially troubling language.

There are a lot of different monitoring apps out there, so it is important that you find the one that works the best for you and your family. Choosing the right one can make all of the difference in how you and your teen safely navigate the social waters together. When life gets a little crazy, you won’t have to remember to check their phone to see what exactly they’re doing online or check for threats. Jiminy will send you regular reports that summarize their activity and warn you about bullying, sexting, or other concerning themes. 

But How Can I Monitor My Child?

A good parental monitoring app can help keep your relationship with your child trusting and open, yet still alert you of any potential dangers to be aware of, all while keeping track of your child’s online activity. Jiminy is considered one of the best parental monitoring apps for Android. It is an app that you can install on your child’s phone that allows you to monitor their Snapchat or other social media accounts, as well as phone usage, but what makes it different is that it allows them to maintain their privacy. It notifies parents whenever something important comes up, rather than relying on reporting on every event that occurs on your teen’s phone. It also allows your child the chance to do the right thing on their own. Jiminy uses cutting edge technology, combined with the latest parenting advice, studies, and science to watch for any troubling markers.

Even in a quickly disappearing, instant society, it is still possible to ensure that your child is safe and is using their best judgment online, especially on apps like Snapchat. It is also important to make sure that your child knows that you trust their judgement and will be there to support them if something ever does come up. So if you wanted to know how can parents monitor Snapchat, now you know!

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