What most parental control apps won’t tell you about your child

As parents, we can’t help but be concerned about the technology our children are using. That’s 100% natural. However, it is important to remember that technology is not all bad.

Parental control apps always deal with bad things: blocking adult content or limiting screentime.

But Jiminy is a child phone protection app that also shows parents the beautiful things in their child’s online life. We want to lower barriers between parents and kids, and we can’t do that by only focusing on the bad.

What’s hiding in your child’s texts?

We know for a fact children use their phones in a variety of very positive ways. For example, take a look at this word cloud:

These words, phrases, and emojis are the ones which appear most frequently in the positive messages children send to their friends and family. As parents, it’s very reassuring knowing that our children’s phones are full of small notes of encouragement and affection.

What are your children into?

Jiminy regularly sends parents updates about their child’s browsing interests. Know about the topics that hold your child’s interest while browsing online is helpful not only in making sure your child is safe, and not running into any of the dangerous or inappropriate corners of the internet but also in helping parents connect with their children over technology. Talking to children about technology and the effects it has on their lives is important, and know what children starting a conversation about the things children find interesting about the web is a great way to do that.

Parental monitoring app

Discover hidden hobbies and favorite apps

Being more in tune with your child’s browsing habits and favorite apps can help you find out about passions or hobbies your child is slowly developing and encourage them. If your child is becoming more and more fascinated with astronomy or photography, wouldn’t you like to know?

Choosing the best parental control app for you

A good parental monitoring app won’t focus solely on the negatives, or on blocking content on your child’s phone. It will also show you the good things and help you connect with your child through technology. 

Jiminy is an android parenting app that does just that. Jiminy lets parents know about positive interests, positive messages, and favorite games and apps. So parents not only feel safer, knowing their child is protected, they also gain a better view of all the fun and positive things in their child’s digital life.

Click here to try Jiminy. You can start your free trial in a few simple clicks.

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