Parents’ Guide to Amino

Did your child join Amino?
Is your child using Amino?

What should parents know about Amino? Read this parent’s guide to Amino to find out what you should know if your child is using this popular social app.

Amino is a social app full of chat rooms, communities and blogs, all based on common interests.
Amino offers users a bounty of content, based on common interests. Users can search for a topic they’re enthusiastic about, such as gaming, sports or specific TV shows, and start browsing for posts, images and videos on that topic. For example, these were the communities Amino recommended for us:

Parents' guide to Amino
Amino communities

Amino users can post their own content, join public chats and chat – in text, voice or video – with other users.
Considering all of that, it’s easy to see what children and teens find in this app, which gives them ample opportunities to find like-minded people to meme and have fun with.

Amino safety tips

For the most part, Amino’s groups and chats are moderated well by the Amino team and the app’s users. It’s difficult to encounter inappropriate content. However, while searching for racy terms, such as ‘sex’, and even racier phrases, it’s common to run into other users with very suggestive nicknames and profile pics, who sometimes have highly inappropriate images in their profile.

Like many other social apps, Amino states that users must be 13 or older to join. That’s a good call. Amino should probably be reserved for responsible and trustworthy teens.

What about privacy in Amino?

Amino is all about the public groups and communities, so it’s important to follow some smart guidelines for maintaining safety and privacy online.
If you’d like to talk with your child about that, we have some tips for that conversation here.

Apart from that, Amino doesn’t share users’ location or private details with other users. The only information found in the Amino user profile is the short bio the user chose to write about themselves.

It’s important to remember – Amino is public. Communities, users’ bios and posts – are all visible to anyone who installed the app. This app’s privacy settings are pretty bare.

Social media safety

Apart from keeping and maintaining rules for internet safety in your family, you should also consider using Jiminy – a child phone monitoring app. Jiminy clues parents to hidden dangers and troubling trends on their child’s phones. With Jiminy, parents can learn about problems while their still small, and intervene before any online social problem gets out of hand. Read more about Jiminy here.

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