Parents’ guide to Yubo

Parents’ guide to Yubo
Is Yubo safe for kids?

Yubo is a social network app, dedicated to helping users find and chat with new online friends. What should parents know about it? And how can parents monitor Yubo?

According to our data, Yubo, a social app for meeting new friends, is growing increasingly popular with children and teens. 

This app lets users broadcast and view live videos, and meet new people through a Tinder-like swipe interface. In fact, many people on the web refer to Yubo as “Tinder for teens”.

What should parents know about Yubo?

Yubo lets users make new friends through a swipe interface. Users are presented with a stream of photos from other users, and they can swipe those photos right if they wish to connect, or swipe left to ignore and move on to the next photo. Once two users swiped each other right, and there’s a match, those two users can connect and chat.

This type of interface is reminiscent of dating apps, such as Tinder. Yubo does state that all users must be older than 13 to sign-up, and will only match teens with other teens, and adults with other adults, but there’s nothing that prevents users from getting around that restriction by lying about their age when creating an account.
You can find out more on the Yubo website:

Is Yubo safe for kids?

Some Yubo safety tips for parents:
By default, Yubo allows users to find each other based on location and distance. If you’d like to avoid that in your child’s case, it’s possible to hide a location from other users.

Your child and you can do that by entering the app’s settings, going to ‘Location’ and turn off the ‘Use my location’ option.

You can also hide your child’s profile from the swipe matching section of the app. From the settings menu, enter ‘Manage Swipe’ and turn on the ‘Hide from Swipe’ option. If you do that, your child will only be able to chat with existing friends.

And finally, Yubo offers their own safety guide, detailing their community guidelines and offering advice for dealing with issue users might encounter while using the app:\f

If your child is using an app like Yubo, you might want to have a talk about online safety and privacy. You might also wish to use a parental monitoring app, such as Jiminy, to help you make sure your child is using Yubo and other social apps responsibly.

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