Parenting Advice – 5 Reasons Why a Parenting App Can Give You Some of the Best Advice You’ll Ever Receive

Parenting Advice App

Parenting advice is like opinions – everybody’s got one, but the best ones are data-based.

Many people are often surprised or even taken aback by the notion of an app offering parenting advice. While we’re all usually very excited to find out that “There’s an app for that!” when it comes to any other daily routine, parenting seems to be an exception. Many people are apprehensive about using an app for something as intimate and nuanced as parenting, even though the notion of parenting books and television shows is not at all a new thing. Not to mention passing advice from strangers on the internet.

The advice delivered by the right app might turn out to be several times more valuable than the advice you’ll find in a book, for several reasons.

So, why should you listen to parenting advice delivered by an app?

It’s data based: The biggest advantage any app can have over out-dated media – DATA! The right parenting app will use your child’s information to offer personalized advice. It’s exactly why we depend on apps when we navigate, search for restaurant recommendations or search for new music – advice and recommendations based on data just work better.

It’s timely: A good parenting app will send you updates and alerts at the right time. While other sources for advice might offer irrelevant advice, or might require a parent to search for them actively, and the right app will know when to chime in with the right info. Is your child being bullied? Is your child browsing online for information about teen depression? An app will have this information and advice on how to handle it quicker than any other source.  

It’s up to date: Another technological advantage – apps update. The advice changes with time and circumstances.   

It’s professional: Rather than depending on the advice of strangers on the internet, or over eager-friends and family members, apps are created by professionals and experts and offer measured concreted and rational advice. Assuming you selected the right app, you can depend on its advice to be consistent and researched.

It’s efficient: Apps, for many reasons, are designed with a “Get in, get the job done, and get out” frame of mind. Apps tend to respect their user’s time, and offer the best route between points A and B. Advice delivered by an app will probably be concise, actionable and effective.

Which parental monitoring app should you go with?

You can find out more about choosing the right parental control apps here, but we have a spoiler for you – it’s Jiminy.

Jiminy is a parental monitoring app designed to lower the barriers between parents and children. Our advice is tailored to be data-driven, relevant, professional current and to the point.

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