Snapchat for Dummies

snapchat for dummies

There is an abundance of social media apps that take up teenagers’ attention, but Snapchat is one of the most popular. If you’re completely in the dark regarding Snapchat – start by reading this article.

Snapchat is an app that allows you to communicate with friends by quickly sending pictures or videos back and forth. Once the app is opened, you take a picture or video of yourself, others, or your surroundings. Then, you set a time limit between 1 and 10 seconds for how long you want the photo to be available to be viewed by the receiver. Once your time is chosen, you pick who the photo will be sent to. The picture can be sent to one person individually, multiple people separately, or put in a group. If it is sent to a group, everyone in the group can view it once. Once the photo is received and opened by the receiver, the photo disappears and cannot be seen again. This app is so popular because it is quick and entertaining to see what everyone is up to through photographs!

Snapchat for Dummies – The basics

Since the photo disappears after only a few seconds, it easily allows for miscommunications to occur. It also encourages teenagers to misbehave. Kids think because the Snapchat disappears from the viewer after the time limit runs out, the photo can never be seen again. In turn, this makes them believe they can send risky messages or provocative photos to others. But there are ways to keep the photo by screenshotting it or taking a photo of it with another camera. This has created a problem when teenagers decide to send inappropriate photos. The receiver may keep the photo evidence and spread it around school or to friends. If this photo gets leaked, the sender can get in trouble, get bullied, or suffer emotional damage.

What can parents do to make sure their child is safe on Snapchat?

So, as a parent, what can you do? Ask your son or daughter if they installed Snapchat. If they did so, tell them that the app does not actually guarantee privacy.
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And finally, parents can use a child monitoring app, like Jiminy, to make sure their children are safe. Can parents monitor Snapchat and Instagram? They can with Jiminy!
Good luck!

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