How can parents monitor Instagram?

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Can parents monitor Snapchat and Instagram, and possibly even make it safer for their child? Can you put parental controls on Instagram? The answer is a resounding – YES. Follow this guide to make sure Instagram is a safer app for your child:

With just a few simple steps, Instagram can become much safer for children or teens. The app’s settings allow users to hide their location, photos and profile from strangers, and control who can tag them or share their photos. Parents should definitely know about these settings, and check to see how exactly they’re set in their child’s account. By following these simple steps, you can learn how to put parental controls on Instagram.

First, to find the privacy settings!

1. Open the app and go to the child’s profile, by clicking the person icon on the bottom right corner of the screen.

2. Go to the menu – the button of three lines at the top right corner.

3. Go to settings – click the cogwheel button at the very bottom of the menu.

4. Click on ‘Privacy and Security’ – the 3rd option.

Or just follow the instructions on this GIF:

How can parents monitor Instagram

From here, there are several features you can control:

Photos and videos

The first option – ‘Account Privacy’ – allows you to set the account to ‘Private’. When a profile is set to ‘Private,’ only approved followers can see what that profile posts. We also recommend clicking on ‘Photos and Videos of You’ and making sure the option to auto-tag the profile on photos and videos is turned off.

Click on ‘Comment Controls’ to change who can comment on the profile’s posts, and block specific people from commenting. This is also the place to turn on the ‘Hide Offensive Comments’ option, and turn on ‘Filter for Specific Phrases and Words’. We recommend choosing the ‘Filter Most Reported Words’ option.

Status and locations
The option ‘Activity Status’ determines whether the profile’s followers and the people messaging the profile will know if it’s online, or when was the last time it was online. Turning this option off is recommended.

Don’t forget to hide your child’s location

Before each photo or video is published on Instagram, the user has the choice of adding a location to their post. To permanently turn this option off, go to your child’s phone settings (outside of the Instagram app). Find the list of installed apps (located a bit differently on each phone) and select Instagram. The next step would be to click on the app’s permissions, and turn the location off.

How can parents monitor Instagram

We recommend browsing all the options on the Privacy and Security section. The option ‘Blocked Accounts’ lets you see the people you or your child have blocked on Instagram. The ‘Resharing to Stories’ option is a simple On-Off switch for allowing other people to share the profile’s photos and videos through their own profiles. We recommend going with ‘Off’ on this one.

And finally, Instagram offers plenty of resources for parents, including Instagram safety for parents. These guides will also go over Instagram monitoring for parents and Instagram parental controls.

There’s the Instagram parents guide:

And Instagram’s own page of safety and privacy tips for parents:

How can parents monitor Instagram and how can they monitor their kids on Instagram?

If you are you looking for an Instagram monitoring app for parents, then look no further! Apart from checking the child phone themselves, parents can use a parental monitoring app, such as Jiminy, to find out how their children are using Instagram.

Jiminy can alert a parent about much more than inappropriate content. It can also help parents understand what type of content their child is exposed to, what kind of hashtags they’re using, who are they following and much more. This is also a great app for parents to monitor Snapchat and will finally put to rest the question of “is Snapchat safe for kids?” To learn more about monitoring child’s Snapchat, please click on the link below.

In order to truly monitor your child on Instagram, install Jiminy today.

Stay safe out there!

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