Bridging The Technology Gap Between Parents And Children

Cultures of Dignity is an incredible organization, and their work with young people – empowering them, understanding them and giving them the tools to navigate the challenges of young adulthood – is truly inspiring!
Their blog post, about their reasons for partnering with Jiminy, is extremely touching and motivating – we’ve succeeded in helping parents and children bridge gaps created by technology!

We already wrote on this blog about our exciting partnership with Cultures of Dignity, but a recent post on the organization’s blog is a good opportunity to once again mention our collaboration.

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Bridging The Technology Gap Between Parents And Children

In their post, Cultures of Dignity write about the reasons for them – an organization dedicated to understanding the lives of young people – to create a partnership with Jiminy – An app dedicated to protecting children, while protecting their privacy and independence.
As Cultures of Dignity put it:

Working with Jiminy was not a decision we made lightly. We would never work with a company that exploits parental anxiety and fear and doesn’t respect young people. Once we decided, we had our high school interns and student advisory council to review their material and give them specific feedback on where young people would push back.

Jiminy is creating a partnership between parent and child. The child agrees to have the app on their phone with the understanding that Jiminy will provide general information to their parent about their online interactions. Jiminy will never show the parent the specific
messages, pictures, or websites.

Read more on the Cultures of Dignity blog:

And for our previous post about our partnership:

And finally, more info on our site – Jiminy – Parental Monitoring App

Jiminy is a parent phone monitoring app that has a wide range of different features which can help you understand your child’s technology usage. So no need to continue frantically searching for “Snapchat parent app” or “Instagram monitoring app for parents“.

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