Stand up to the online and offline bully!

Bullying parental monitoring app

Bullying is a complicated and painful matter, and finding out about it is just the first step towards solving the problem. Read this list of articles, and find out which parental monitoring app can help the most.

The help parents and children cope with this difficult phenomenon, we gathered all of our anti-bullying resources in one place.
Parent’s, click the links below to find about the ways you can help your child:

How can you know if your child is being bullied?
A list of warning signs parents should be aware of.

Three Different Ways Cyberbullying Can Appear on Your Child’s Screen
The ways bullying appears on your child’s phone, and the different dangers each of those present.

Cyberbullying: The basic facts
Basic facts about cyberbullying: how likely are you to encounter it?Why is it so harmful? What are its effects? Is it even legal? Find answers to those questions and more.

Escaping the Cyberbully
How to help your child feel safer, prevent bullying and cyberbullying, and eventually, make it stop.

Seven steps to take if your child is being cyberbullied
Put a stop to it! 7 things you can do to stop cyberbullies and make children feel safer.

We hope all the above articles contain the answers to all the questions you might have about bullying.
Of course, we believe one of the best solutions is a parental monitoring app like Jiminy. Get Jiminy today to know more about the way your children use their phone, and receive alerts in case of cyberbullying, and other social issues that find their way into your child’s smartphone.

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