4 Tips to Survive the Transition to Middle School

Transition to Middle School

Transitions are tough for any kid, but especially the one to middle school. Elementary school often provides the security and care that a young child needs. Going to middle school means new people, a different routine, and a very different lifestyle.  

This is also the time that many kids begin to search for their identity, and can open the door to a lot of fear and insecurity, which, in their turn, may lead to some very vicious behavior toward other kids.  But, this time does not have to be filled with negativity. Here are 4 ways to ease this transition.

1. Encourage and allow healthy independence.

Although we would all like to hover over every moment and decision our child makes, it is important to encourage and allow them to take some steps on their own.  They are learning what it means to be more independent, and it is your job to let them. It is crucial to set healthy boundaries for your child, but do encourage them to be independent and flourish.

2. Allow them to fail and make mistakes.

We want the best for our children.  It breaks our hearts as parents to see our child experience any pain, I know.  But, we can only learn from our mistakes! As much as you want to protect them, along with giving them some independence includes allowing them to make mistakes.

3. Be there to encourage when they do fail.

The best part of being a parent is getting to be there for your child when they need you.  It is no doubt that middle school will bring a lot of challenges. This is your opportunity to be a shoulder to cry on, the biggest cheerleader, and strongest advocate.  Your child will look to you when things get tough, so be there when they do.

4. Communicate.

The best way to let your child feel known is to keep an open door of communication.  They may not always want to talk to you about their struggles, but you always want them to know that you are there when they do.  This means, encourage rather than criticize. When there is something you are concerned about in their life, bring it to their attention in a positive way. This lets them know that they can trust you with the challenges in their life.

Middle school is a challenge, but like all good challenges, it’s also an opportunity.

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