Child phone monitoring and how you can stay in the know about your child’s phone usage.

Let’s face it – as a parent, we’d all like to say that we know it all and have everything under control when it comes to our kids, but the increasing smartphone and social media usage in recent years has left many of us in the dark. What is really going on in our children’s lives? Can child phone monitoring help us unlock what is going on in our child’s life?

Many kids tell us that their day was “fine,” but sometimes it’s hard to believe. It seems like there is a new social media site popping up every week, and it is difficult to keep up with what your child is using and who they are talking to online. So how can you be more involved in their usage?

1. Stay up to date

One of the best things you can do as a parent to protect your child is staying up to date with the latest social media trends. Especially with anonymous comment sites like Whisper, After School, and becoming increasingly popular, it is beginning to be more and more accessible for tweens to send classmates anonymous, harmful or inappropriate messages. To better understand social media trends and usage, consult other parents, teachers, and the internet.

2. Be involved and present

Getting your child to say more than “good” when you ask them how their day was can be like pulling teeth, but it is worth it to try to push through this barrier. Though they wouldn’t admit it, your tween is longing for someone to really be invested and care about their life and feelings, especially you. Understanding how your child is feeling, particularly at school, is crucial to gaining a window into what’s really going on in their life, as well as their device usage. Child phone monitoring apps can be the key to open the conversation up about their daily lives.

3. Enforce guidelines and boundaries

Remember, at the end of the day, it is your job to protect your child. Even if it brings up some conflict; guidelines and boundaries are healthy and can play a big part in keeping your tween safe online. For some families, this means having an open discussion with their child. This gives their child a sense of ownership and autonomy of the guidelines, making them more open to embracing them. The smartphone world is ever changing, but employing these steps in your family will have a positive impact on your child, your relationship with them, and their safety. Keep fighting to be in the know!

4. Use online protection for your child’s phone

Some inexpensive child phone monitoring apps will monitor your child’s social media and inform you if anything seems wrong. In many ways, using apps that scan your child’s social media is better than doing so yourself. For one, the app will most likely be a better gauge of what is going on than you, since the programs know about the latest social media trends, codes and platforms. Also, when an app does the reading, rather than a person, your teen’s privacy will be kept until a sign of danger or difficulty arises. And third, the app will monitor the communication in real time, rather than when you finally remember to do it.

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