Why do we even need parental controls?

Parental control apps

We get that question a lot, mainly from parents who check their child’s phone themselves. Even those parents are usually surprised by the several answers they haven’t thought of, and realize how much they’ve been missing without the right (not just any) parental control app.

“Why do I even need parental controls for?”

A lot of people have been asking us exactly that lately. It’s a good question. Our parents didn’t need them, and we turned out just fine. Well, mostly…

So what has changed? Imagine a kid playing outside. If he’s playing by a dangerous road, there’s someone there to see it – a parent, a neighbor, a teacher – and intervene before something bad happened. Unfortunately, we can’t rely on the kindness of neighbors when it comes to the dangers and challenges that await children online.

Parental control apps reveal obsessive phone usage

Children check their phones all the time. In some cases, they check their Instagram, Kik or Snapchat accounts hundred of times per day. These types of obsessive, almost compulsive, habits are something parents will find very hard to track themselves. This is exactly where a good parental control app can alert parents, so they can step in and initiate a conversation, about healthy limits, popularity, and the type of content children might be exposed to on those social networks, and how the posts, snaps and videos they’re watching do not represent reality.

Parents might also be overwhelmed by the amount of content they have to browse and monitor to protect their child. Children might send thousands of messages per week, browse multiple sites and social networks and even maintain secret social media accounts. There’s no way for parents to realistically keep up with that.

Kids delete messages, ALL THE TIME

Still, you might read and check your every single one of your child’s many many messages. Just to make sure nothing fishy is going on.

But children delete messages. Children are smart, and they know how to cover their tracks. They know those surprise phone checks are coming (and if they didn’t expect the first one, the second one will be no surprise). Parents will need parental controls if they want to see the full picture.

Parents can’t see all, no matter how awesome they are

Even if you completely trust your child, which is why you gave him or her that phone in the first place, you still know that everybody makes mistakes, especially young and impressionable children, taking their first steps on the web. You’ll need to be prepared for when those mistakes happen. As parents, our view of our children’s lives is obstructed by technology, so it makes perfect sense we use technology to regain a better view. Jiminy goes beyond parental controls – it is a parental awareness app. It’s like a neighbor or a teacher that helps us look after our kids. It’s not there to intrude on children’s privacy, but to alert parents when something might be wrong, or just let them know what fun things their kids are up to on their phones.
Phones are here to stay, but so is good parenting. That’s why we created Jiminy.

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