A Parent’s Guide Snapchat: Safety, Monitoring, and More

Is snapchat safe for kids?

Is Snapchat safe for kids?

In this parent’s guide to Snapchat we will take you through the basics of the platform – general uses, key terms and important points about privacy. Find out – is Snapchat Safe for kids and how can parents monitor Snapchat?
We bet you will read this article in a “snap;” it’s all about Snapchat!

First Off…What Does It Do?

Snapchat is a communication platform that revolves around pictures and videos (also known as “snaps”) instead of text. You can either send a snap to a certain person or post it to your Snapchat story. Once the recipient opens the snap he or she has been sent, it disappears forever (unless he or she screenshots it) which can make parental Snapchat monitoring difficult.

Key terms:

snap – a picture or a video (that is a maximum of ten seconds) that you send to someone and/or that you receive. You can choose to have your snap (if it is a picture) last indefinitely until the recipient clicks out of it or for up to ten seconds. Also, you can add a limited amount of text, a hyperlink, drawings, filters, and/or stickers to your picture or video snap.

Snapchat story (snap story/my story) – a snap that you add to your profile for people to view for 24 hours. Once the 24 hours are up, the snap (or snaps – there is no limit to how many snaps you add to your story) disappears, but until then, people can view your story however many times they want to. Your story will tell you how many people have viewed each snap and who specifically has viewed each snap. You can also view other people’s stories.

streaks (snap streaks) – when you and another Snapchat user have sent each other a Snapchat within 24 hours of each other for at least 3 days. Streaks can go on for as long as you want them to.

chat – The direct messaging system on Snapchat that allows you to send and receive private messages from other Snapchat users.

Important Privacy “Need-To-Knows” Before You Go:

  • There are different privacy settings to Snapchat, just like any other social media platform. To view/change these settings, go to Settings (which is the gear in the corner when you click on your profile) and scroll down to the “Who can…” section. There, you can change who can contact you, send you notifications, view your story, see your location, and see you in quick add (which is just a shortcut to add friends).
  • If you no longer want someone to have access to your Snapchat for any reason, you can block them. That person will not be able to see your story, send you snaps, or be able to message you and you will also no longer see their story, send them snaps, or be able to message them. In order to block someone, go to your friend list, click their name, then “Settings,” and finally, “Block.”
  • There is not a Snapchat sponsored parent app that allows parents to control or see what their children are doing, posting, or viewing on Snapchat. That being said though, there is Snapchat monitoring for parents.

Parental control on Android phone

You may be wondering: how do parents monitor Snapchat? There are a variety of ways, but the best way to monitor your kid’s Snapchat is with an app for parents to monitor Snapchat, such as Jiminy. Parental monitor apps answer the question of how parents monitor Snapchat.

You can install Jiminy to find out more about your child’s activity and habits on Snapchat, and to make sure he or she are not exposed to inappropriate content: https://jiminy.onelink.me/A4Zh/blog

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