Do you read your children’s text messages?

Android parental control app

Some parents feel they have to, in order to make sure their children are OK. However, this is both a huge burden for parents, and a strain on the child’s sense of privacy.

As parents, we believed there had to be a better way. We wanted a solution that could help us understand how our children are using their phones, while still respecting their privacy.

So we created Jiminy – A parental Monitoring App for Android Phones

How does it work? Our app analyzes children’s phone usage – texts, browsing, app installs – and Jiminy’s bot alerts parents when something requires attention. Jiminy doesn’t let parents read their children’s messages, so kids get to keep their privacy, and we parents can sleep better at night, knowing that Jiminy will let us know when it’s time to step in.
Jiminy is no secretive and it is not hidden from the child. We encourage parents and children to talk about Jiminy, and have a page specifically for kids on our site:

Jiminy doesn’t block or filter anything on the child phone.

We believe in teaching children to govern themselves. We want kids to build self-control and a sense of what’s right. These are muscles that need to be trained, and that won’t happen with apps that block or hide content.

We work hard to make sure parents receive all the relevant information they need in order to provide the right guidance and support for their child.

Want to make sure your child is safe online? Click here to read more and install Jiminy:

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