Privacy, Parental Control, and Text Messages on Android Phones

Android parental control app

Do you read your children’s text messages?

Some parents feel they have to read their children’s text messages, in order to make sure their children are OK. However, this is a huge burden for parents, and puts a strain on the child’s sense of privacy.

We believed there had to be a better way. We wanted a solution that could help us understand how our children are using their phones, while still respecting their privacy. We also didn’t want to create something that locked down their phones and took away their ability to decide what to do when a problem arose. We wanted to find a balance between parental controls and text messages on Android devices.

So we created Jiminy – A parental Monitoring App for Android Phones, designed by parents for parents that allows parents to keep an eye on their child’s phone usage while respecting their privacy

How does it work? Our app analyzes children’s phone usage – texts, browsing, app installs, and social media usage – and Jiminy’s bot alerts parents when something requires attention without needing parental control of text messages on Android devices. Jiminy doesn’t let parents read their children’s messages, so kids get to keep their privacy, and parents can sleep better at night knowing that Jiminy will let us know when problems arise and when it’s time to step in. It’s a great alternative to traditional parental controls of text messages on Android devices.

Jiminy is not a secretive app, nor is it hidden from your child. We encourage parents and children to talk about Jiminy and parental control of text messages on Android devices. We even have a page specifically for kids on our site that explains what Jiminy is and how it works. This guide explains why Jiminy was created and explains how the app allows parents to check in on their kids phone usage, while protecting their privacy.

Jiminy doesn’t block or filter anything on your child’s phone.

We believe in teaching children to govern themselves. We want kids to build self-control and a sense of what’s right. These are muscles that need to be trained, and that won’t happen with apps that block or hide content. We also know that parents are always going to worry about what their children are doing on their phone, so we came up with a way that allowed kids to learn about their phone habits and safety and provide them with needed support and guidance as well. 

We work hard to make sure parents receive all the relevant information they need in order to provide the right guidance and support for their child. We also work hard to make sure that kids feel comfortable enough to use their phones without feeling like they are being spied on by their parents. Jiminy provides peace of mind for both parents and kids alike and opens up the conversation about safe online and mobile practices. 

Want to make sure your child is safe online? Click here to read more and install Jiminy:

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